California State & Federal Employees Credit Union #20


Savings Services

Share Account The primary share account, our basic savings and membership account, earns higher dividends than similar passbook accounts offered by other financial institutions. Dividends are earned from the day of deposit to the day of withdrawal and are compounded quarterly. A minimum required balance is $50.00
IRA Certificates For a one year, fixed term investment, invest in a Traditional or Roth IRA Certificate Account with a minimum deposit of $100.00. Dividends are compounded quarterly. There are no initiation or closing fees associated with our IRA Certificate Accounts.

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Loan Services

Personal Loans Our personal loan program will allow you to borrow up to $15,000. Rates are competitive, with terms up to 60 months.
VISA Your credit union VISA card is offered at a competitive rate, no annual fee, 25-day grace period on purchases and no cash advance fee. Lines of credit are offered up to $15,000. Share secured VISA now available.
Vehicle Loans We have been the traditional source of funding for members who buy new and used cars, trucks, vans, and recreational vehicles. Low rates (one low rate for new & used vehicles), terms up to 84 months, never a prepayment penalty or application fee, pre-approved loans, GAP insurance, mechanical breakdown insurance and payroll deduction make your Credit Union the best place for a vehicle loan.
Home Equity Loan Utilize the equity in your home with our second deed of trust Line of Credit fixed rate and term loan or our equity line of credit featuring a variable rate and open end borrowing. As usual, no points or prepayment penalties.
Share Secured Loans Using your shares as collateral, you can borrow at low interest rates with terms up to 60 months.
Pre-Approved Loans Arrange your financing at your Credit Union before you shop for cars or other major purchases. Knowing the amount, interest rate, payment and term will allow you to shop as a cash buyer when and where you like.

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Convenience Services

Checking Accounts We offer LOW or NO FEE checking accounts to qualified members only. Contact us for complete details on how you could qualify for a NO FEE checking account.
Home B@nking/ Audio You can now access your accounts from anywhere, anytime via the Internet. View balances, transfer funds, view and print copies of cleared checks, request a check be sent to you and view your statement online. Enroll online at Our audio response system gives you 24 hour access to all of your credit union accounts for balances, transfers, checks, etc. from your telephone. Teller Phone 707-443-2424 or 800-644-2024
Debit/ ATM Use your debit card almost anywhere Visa is accepted for all your point of sale transactions. Also, access your credit union accounts at hundreds of ATMís displaying the STAR or Co-Op logo.
Payroll Deduction Save time and avoid possible late charges when making loan payments or add to your savings. You can arrange automatic, regular deductions from your paycheck into any of your CSFECU accounts.
Direct Deposit/ACH  Deposit your paycheck, Social Security, retirement check or any other recurring deposit or payment directly into your CSFECU account.
Join Us Eligible persons may join CSFECU by completing a membership card and depositing a minimum of $50.00 into a share account. Remember, once a member, always a member!
Family Membership You may also sponsor your family members for credit union membership. Click on Join Us for details.
Notary Public Services Notary Public Services are available by appointment and are $10 per signature. Please call Kay at 443-8662 extension 14 to schedule an appointment.

Routing Number:

Our Routing and Transit Number is 321172219. This number is used when setting up Direct Deposits and Automatic Withdrawals.

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